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We’ve been keeping our new headquarters a secret for most of 2021, but now we can officially reveal the Norton facility in full scale! Having returned to our roots in the West Midlands, Norton is now positioned to begin executing our ambitious plans for production. Our new 73,000sq ft facility is complete with state-of-the-art equipment and the capacity to manufacture up to 8000 motorcycles per year. And we’re only just getting started…

The V4 Café Racer is the rebellious younger brother to the V4SV, sharing the same superbike DNA but differing in attitude and emotion. It’s stripped-back fairing reveals Norton’s technical artistry and craftmanship, naked with nothing to hide. And while the V4CR embraces nostalgic design cues and Norton character, it’s all about the present moment. A modern incarnation of the past.


The new re-engineered V4SV is the most luxurious British superbike ever created. The only British built and designed superbike in production. The speed, the handling, the feeling... Nothing comes close to it. The Isle of Man TT is where the V4SV was imagined, the road is where it was born.

More models to be announced soon
The bikes you’ve been waiting for have not disappeared…
Guided by a design-led philosophy and quality assurance programme, we’re fine-tuning our range, finalising our long term product plan, and securing an indomitable future for Norton. We’re working on the legend reimagined. Stay tuned and be sure to check this page for updates.