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Norton supports British Motorcycle Academy

Norton Motorcycles can today proudly announce it’s support for the British Motorcycle Manufacture Academy [BMMA], the brainchild of Stuart Garner the CEO of Norton. Stuart passionately believes in the British motorcycle industry and feels we have to push hard to ensure a solid and sustainable future. The BMMA bring a unique opportunity to young people in the UK to enter the British motorcycle manufacturing industry.

The BMMA will give apprentices the opportunity to contribute to the success of a 100 year old British motorcycle brand and learn a range of new skills. Norton Motorcycles are looking to create a sustainable future that will support their long term growth plans for the brand and the British motorcycle manufacturing industry as a whole.
The BMMA will deliver intermediate apprenticeships via a modulated accelerated learning approach. Apprentices will achieve on average 2 units every 6 weeks with an assessment week at the end of each leaning cycle.
Apprentices will be taught and encouraged within the Norton factory to learn all aspects of the British motorcycle manufacturing industry.
Norton are helping the BMMA to provide;
1. A sustainable British motorcycle manufacturing legacy.
2. Quality component manufacture for British motorcycle industry.
3. Innovative teaching and creative learning environment.
The BMMA are looking for;
Apprentices in the 16-18 yr old age range.
Who will be;
Interested in motorcycles and engineering.
Good team players.
Excellent in time keeping with a solid work ethic.
Motivated when challenged in daily life.

The BMMA are entering a 6 week recruiting phase with full time apprenticeships starting early September 2014. For full details and application please visit;
The pic shows a Norton Domiracer, wholly designed and hand built in Britain. We want the Academy to give a sustainable future to British motorcycle manufacture.


British Motorcycles

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