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Norton at the 2014 TT races.


Now we’re all back and the dust has settled we can look back at our 2014 TT.
The team had two all new SG3 bikes and a new rider in Cameron Donald, with Mick Grant and Steve Plater brought in to help with bike setup and development.
After some big changes in setup during practice week we went into the first Superbike race on the back foot a little bit. We had been chasing some rear end set up issues all week, they only showed up on the incredibly demanding TT course and had not been found at all on short circuit testing. After posting an opening average lap speed of 123mph for the 37.75 mile course we were ok and looking to build speed as Cameron got more crucial lap time in. However, electrical gremlins thought otherwise and on the second lap we had to retire with fuel pump issues. A few more modifications saw us on the grid to start the Senior race. With a really punchy start from the line, Cameron popped in a 124.058mph opening lap, to put this in context it is THE fastest lap a Norton has EVER done at the TT, beating Steve Hislop’s old record set on the Norton Rotary of 123.30 mph! What an achievement from all the team. We also think it is the fastest lap for a ‘prototype chassis’ another huge achievement at this incredibly demanding course. But, yet again our luck ran out and we suffered the extraordinary fate of a tyre slipping on the wheel rim leaving it totally unbalanced and out by some 180 degrees and 75g of balance weight. Cam had no choice but to retire in the pits with huge vibration issues, we were all totally gutted as his first sector time was a huge 10 seconds faster than sector 1 first lap, this would have given around 126 mph! But that’s racing as they say.. We are already moving our plans forward for the 2015 TT races. ALL the team are in for next year and totally committed to getting Norton back to the top step! Huge thank you to everyone involved in our TT, from our amazing rider Cameron Donald, right the way to our fabulous chef and truck driver Tom, well done lads!

SG3 and CamCam and MickSG3 & Cam start the Senior TTSG3 and the team!

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