Work Experience at Norton Motorcycles (UK) Ltd

Katie Shipman joins Norton for a week’s work experience. Katie is studying at Dagfa School, Nottingham.

Being a keen motorcycle enthusiast she is eager to learn everything about motorcycles – her ambition is to become a race mechanic. Katie will gain invaluable experience working alongside our technicians in engine development and motorcycle assembly here at the factory.

Norton will continue to support young people in the workplace and encourage their presence in British manufacturing.

Katie enjoys the world of motorsport, cars and motorbikes, especially Motorcycle Speedway and Motocross. “Anything noisy, dirty and smelly when it comes to racing I am there” says Katie. “Whether it is the loud roars of Drag Racing at Santa Pod or the fast whizzes of the World Super Bikes at Donington Park. I like the mechanical side of racing, so would enjoy being behind the scenes, and as I am doing Art and ICT at school I would enjoy the creative side of motorbikes.”