Norton announce continued investment…

Norton Motorcycles has today taken delivery of more CNC Machinery from Hardinge Machine Tools, the increased capacity will be taken up immediately extending the library of billet parts made in house.

Also announced today is the increased investment and further recruiting of a skilled workforce for the in house fabrication department. This increased capacity now allows all chassis parts to be fabricated and completed to a finished chassis all under the Norton factory roof.

Norton CEO commented;

“ Today marks an important turning point for Norton, after many months of planning, preparation and increased investment we are now strongly growing our in house manufacturing operation. It has been necessary to do this as we have found some elements of our British supply chain to be unprofessional in their approach to delivering quality components for production timetables. This has led to long customer delays and is totally unacceptable to Norton, we apologise to our customers for these delays and today have shown our commitment to stay British supplied whilst improving productivity.

Bringing more components in house gives us greater control of quality and delivery. Unfortunately we all but lost our world revered Motorcycle industry many years ago and a skilled professional supply chain is now thin on the ground here in the UK. We are working relentlessly with our best suppliers to achieve best quality and delivery timetables, whilst sadly some suppliers have to be left behind as they are unwilling or unable to work to what Norton consider to be an acceptable standard of quality and delivery. We are all very proud of keeping our British heritage here at Norton and will continue to invest in our British supply chain for the long term, both in house and out.”