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Company Profile
Name Motad Limited
Address 1 Unity Buildings,
Robottom Close,
Leamore Lane,
Walsall WS2 7EB
Phone 01922 714700
Fax 01922 714703
Founded 1969
Staff 26

John Atherton, Managaing Director of Motad Ltd.

John Atherton, Managaing Director of Motad Ltd.

Motad Ltd. has established itself as the foremost UK producer of road-legal motorcycle exhausts.

Motad have been supplying Norton Motorcycles with quality motorcycle exhausts since production commenced in 2009. Their sales, development and manufacturing departments are contained on one site and this is complemented with their extensive dealer network which ensures a rapid response to all of their customer requirements. We managed to find some time with John Atherton, Motad’s Managing Director, to ask him some questions…

What are Motad’s aspirations?
To continue designing, developing and manufacturing our products here in the UK for another 40 years.

Can you describe to us what a typical working day would be for yourself…
As Managing Director, I am responsible for all aspects of the business. From current OEM production and supply and the continuing development of the Motad range of exhausts, to managing the all important cash flow. My first job each day is to check emails from customers, suppliers and general enquiries, then to check the financial status to balance receipts to outgoings such as supplier payments and wages. Being a relatively small company I remain quite hands on, from liaison with the shop floor and the Works Manager, to Sales and our R&D Department.

How do you feel about the British economy right now?
Money is tight – value and quality are all important, a good environment for a UK based company to be working in.

What can Motad do to help aid British Manufacturing?
By continuing to work with our long standing team of UK component and service suppliers as much as possible we can ensure quality local supply.

What does it mean to Motad to supply proud British manufacturers like Norton?
We are proud to be associated with a company such as Norton, an iconic brand that is showing what can be achieved by British Manufacturers in today’s Global Market.

How significant is the Norton contract to Motad?
Very – both as a customer and also as a company with similar ethics and vision for the future.

Do you supply any other British manufacturers?
Many of our UK contracts are within confidentiality agreements, so we can’t tell you about many of them. Westfield Sportscars are one of our longest existing customers.

What would you say was the worst job you’ve experienced at Motad?
We can’t tell you the customer – but with one week to a major show, a major re-design of a concept vehicle was a challenge. However having R&D and Production in one location, and being close to the customer allowed us to work together and hit the target. The “thank you” beer went down well!

Ok, so what would you say would be the best experience?
Whilst Motad has been involved with a number of OEM’s in its history, my best personal experience has to be the involvement with Norton. From seeing the empty shed at Donington Park to watching the supply of a new range of motorcycles in such a tight time frame.

Away from work, what do you do in your spare time? Do you have any hobbies?
I like to relax after a hard day at work and I like to try and keep fit – a healthy mind and a healthy body! I like running and walking in the country – I am a committee member of Cannock & Stafford Athletic Club. I also have a magazine subscription with Runners World.

What would you say you are best at?
I always strive to achieve and like to set myself goals.

What are you most proud of?
I have run the London Marathon twice for charity, I trained hard and achieved the best finishing time I could on the day.

Congratulations, what a great personal achievement! Finally, do you ride a motorcycle?
I haven’t ridden for a long time but was brought up with bikes in the family. My first being an FS1E, through to a GT250 then an LC.